Opportunities through Sport


We accept applications for this programme from charities and CASCs throughout the United Kingdom.


The Trustees wish to support organisations and activities that use physical activity to enable disabled people and those who face disadvantage to fulfil their potential and to develop personal and life skills.  


The Trustees welcome applications for physical activity initiatives that:

  • Provide a focus for skills development and confidence building
  • Have a strong training and/or educational theme
  • Provide sporting equipment or facilities for disabled or disadvantaged people
  • Have a high degree of involvement from beneficiaries and those with lived experience
  • Have a plan for sustainability


We will consider applications for capital, revenue or project funding.


Funding Levels

We provide two levels of funding:


Major grants: between £5,000 and £30,000

  • All charities and CASCs seeking a major grant should apply to PHF directly.

Small grants: up to £5,000

  • Only available to organisations with a turnover of up to £500,000
    • Projects in Surrey - Surrey charities and CASCs seeking small grants should apply directly to the Community Foundation Surrey which manages these grants for PHF https://www.cfsurrey.org.uk/applyforfunding/. Any applications PHF receives for small grants in Surrey will be transferred to the Community Foundation Surrey.
    • Projects anywhere else in the UK - Charities and CASCs seeking small grants for projects to be delivered outside of Surrey should apply to PHF directly.