• Are there deadlines for applying?

Yes. You can find details of the deadlines for upcoming meetings on the How to apply page.

  • We are not yet a charity but are applying for charitable status – can we still apply?

We will not accept an application from your organisation until you have received your charity registration from the Charity Commission or a relevant body.

Additionally, charities will not normally be considered for a grant unless they have been registered with the Charity Commission for two years or more and have produced independently examined or audited accounts for at least one full year of operation (Community Amateur Sports Clubs must also have been operating for comparable periods).

  • Is there a maximum or minimum amount that charities can request?

Each grant request is reviewed on its own merits. You can see what grants have been awarded in the last 5 years using the Recent Grants page.

  • What is the situation for branches of national charities?

If you have your own charity registration number, constitution and board of trustees, you may apply in your own right. We do not require the endorsement of your headquarters organisation.

If you are part of a larger or a national charity, with the same charity number, and legally governed by the same board of trustees, we require the endorsement of your larger/national charity.

  • Can we apply to more than one grants programme?

You may only apply to one of the programmes at any time.

  • Do you give feedback on unsuccessful applications?

The main reason for not funding projects is that we receive many more applications than we can support and we inevitably have to disappoint many of the charities that apply to us.  We are sorry but it is not feasible, therefore, to give individual feedback.

  • When can I apply to the Foundation again?

Charities awarded a grant by the Foundation may not make another application for three years from the date of the last grant payment.

Charities whose applications are not successful may make another application after one year from the date of the previous rejection. 

  • How long will it take to find out if my application has been successful?

We aim to notify you of the outcome of your application within four months of the application deadline.

  • How do I access the online application system to complete a Stage 1 application form?

On the How to Apply page you can click the ‘Apply Now’ button to go to the online application system. Alternatively you can click here.