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January 17, 2023

Grant amount: £10,000

The Springboard Charity

  • Grant programme: Positive Futures
  • Region: South East

Towards the costs of the Springboard FutureChef disability adaption

About the organisation

For over three decades, Springboard has supported the hospitality, tourism, and leisure industries and offered employability training and education programmes to young and/or disadvantaged people throughout the UK by providing a range of targeted interventions via our education and employability programmes.

Organisation’s objectives:

Our goal is to support the hospitality industry and help people who are disadvantaged or unemployed find work. We have three workstreams that we pursue nationally. Here are our accomplishments for 2023/24:

  • Employability training programmes- We supported 3,357 disadvantaged people through our employability programmes, providing them with valuable soft and hard skills. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we launched the Springboard to 2022 initiative in 2020 with the ambitious goal of assisting 10,000 people in securing employment within two years. We are proud to announce that we successfully achieved this goal and supported 10,384 people in finding jobs through this initiative. Building upon this success, we have set an even more ambitious target of aiding 15,000 individuals to secure employment by 2026 through our employability initiatives.
  • Educational program: Springboard provided educational resources and employer engagement to 45,240 students from 420 schools, colleges, and universities. This initiative enabled students to develop employability skills needed when transitioning from education to employment.
  • Promotion of sector-specific information and inspiration for young and unemployed people: Springboard’s promotional campaign had a reach of 2.4 million individuals

About the project

The Springboard FutureChef Disability Adapted Programme

In November 2022, Springboard received a generous grant of £10,000 from The Peter Harrison Foundation. The grant was awarded to support the education of 25 children with additional needs in mainstream schools located in the Southeast region. In collaboration with five local schools, we aimed to deliver an adapted version of our FutureChef Programme, designed to be ASN/SEN focused. The programme focused on inspiring children to discover their culinary potential while providing them with valuable industry-based skills and knowledge. Through this initiative, we enriched their lives and contributed to improving their educational experiences.

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Impact of PHF’s support

With the support of the Peter Harrison Foundation, we achieved the following;

  • Delivered our programme to 13 schools in the Southeast region.
  • 66 SEN/ASN students from the 13 schools participated in the programme.
  • Collaborate with 75 Ambassadors to deliver the programme’s practical aspects, i.e., live demos/industry visits/career guidance, mentorship, and advice.
  • Five schools have signed up for the 2024 Futurechef Bakeoff, with an anticipated 102 participating students.
  • The students developed significant confidence in their culinary skills and have acquired valuable insights into career opportunities within the hospitality industry.
  • We have successfully laid a strong foundation for our continued partnership with the schools in the region. The insights gained from this programme will serve as a valuable learning point in steering our future SEN/ASN focused delivery.

How does your organisation exemplify PHF’s values?

At Springboard, we are dedicated to ensuring the growth and development of our beneficiaries by providing exceptional programs built on a foundation of integrity. Our commitment is to enhance their skills, knowledge, and overall well-being. Our team of highly experienced professionals collaborates with leading partners to ensure that we embody the Peter Harrison value of excellence in every aspect of our work. Our meaningful people-led programmes are certain to impact the lives of our beneficiaries positively, and we are committed to changing lives through our work. As a socially responsible organisation, we recognise the immense importance of sustainable practices in shaping our future. To contribute to this cause, we have integrated several sustainable practices into our digital offerings, such as minimising paper usage and reducing our carbon footprint. Our delivery teams have the expertise to create engaging and compelling digital content. When our courses are delivered in person, we select a local programme manager who travels via train, thereby minimising their carbon footprint. Our courses prioritise sustainability and aim to educate people on the benefits of utilising locally sourced produce and adopting a sustainable approach to hospitality, including modules on plant-based products.

Finally, we promote entrepreneurship in hospitality at every level, working closely with small hospitality businesses to showcase the importance of community-level entrepreneurship.