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April 20, 2023

Grant amount: £26,000

Stride UK Foundation Limited

  • Grant programme: Active Lives
  • Region: North West

To support the salary of a full time Community Sport Programme Coordinator

About the organisation

Greater Manchester based charity with a mission of empowering young people to fulfil their potential through sport, mentoring and education projects.

Organisation’s objectives
  • Raise Aspirations: Every Young Person has the opportunity to gain qualifications
  • Develop a sense of purpose: Free access to sporting hubs every night of the week
  • Acting with integrity: Build trust and positive relationships

About the project

Stride Community Hubs (previously know an DMSF community hubs)

We aim to reduce the inequalities facing young people by providing a full time community sports co-ordinator working out of free access community hubs across Greater Manchester. Clive’s role is vital to address the needs of young people growing up in areas of deprivation by providing a positive role model, one who lives and works in their community and gained success through positive life choices, character development, sport and education.

We run a community Hub across 4 venues, every night of the week to combat some of the feedback we received from our young people; hat they were feeling more isolated, there is less for them to do and many feel stressed and anxious.

We deliver across 3 age groups 6-11, 11-16 and 16 – 19, offer multisport activity including football, basketball, rugby, athletics, martial arts, badminton, table tennis, dodgeball and dance. We have had visits from professional MMA fighters, England badminton coaches, Mcr Giants and Mcr Mystics Basketball players and Olympic athletes.

15 young people have qualified as Sports Leaders and 10 gained employment with Stride as Junior Coaches through completing their sports leadership level 2 qualificayion and 8 young people have been referred for 1:1 mentoring with access to specialist support services.

Through building rapport and relationships through sport and in particular providing a consistent and trusted adult we are able to use the transformative powers of physical activity to change lives.

We have partnered with Moss Side Millenium Powerhouse, Manchester Young Lives, McrActive, Greater Manchester Police, Cooksons First Aid, 42nd Street, mthrive, Improving young lives, star scheme and many more local trusted organisations to ensure young people are at the heart of all we do.

Impact of PHF’s support

  • 1006 Participants registered
  • 9871 attendences
  • 81% BAME young people
  • 65% Male, 30% Female, 5% Non-binary
  • 10 young people employed as Junior Coaches
  • 8 young people referred for 1:1 mentoring intervention at risk of serious youth violence
  • Training delivered to staff in: Trauma Informed Practice, ACES, Mental Health first aid, Paediactric first aid, CCE and county lines, multisport Level 2, Safeguarding Level 2 and 3
  • Funding secured from Gosling Foundation to support the legacy of this work in Moss Side over the next 3 years

How does your organisation exemplify PHF’s values?


  • We empower young people to achieve qualifications and volunteer for city-wide sporting events


  • Our youth council come together monthly to influence the development of our Hub programme voting on key areas such as fundraising events, session structures, volunteering opportunities and feedback gaps/ suggestions for Stride provision.


  • We listen, we implement and we learn from what our young people feedback. Our last two consultations have highlighted a need for more mental health support which we now incorporate into every session and we have appointed a staff member to lead on 1:1 mentoring. 12 – 16 year olds did not have a sports activity session in Moss Side outside of their sports leadership sessions. We are trialing the reduction of one of our junior sessions, with a youth 12-16 session in its place with feedback to be taken from the young people at the end of June 2023.
  • Staff from sessional to employed, junior coaches to our CEO are all part of the team who deliver on the ground, attend training and CPD. We are passionate about ensuring our culture is upheld at every level, to ensure opportunites are provided and aspirations raised with young people at the heart of all that we do.


  • We are seeking funds from grant funders, fundraising events, corporate donations and partnership working to ensure we continue the work we do in our communities and aim to employ staff on contracts to provide the financial security needed for workers to be able to stay with third sector organisations. If we can move away from the reliance on small grants and sessional workers, sustainability will be an easier model.