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July 19, 2022

Grant amount: £27,000

Scottish Disability Sport

  • Grant programme: Active Lives
  • Region: Scotland

Towards the cost of delivering Scottish Disability Sport's Inclusion Training Programme

About the organisation

Scottish Disability Sport (SDS) is the Scottish governing and co-coordinating body of all sports for people of all ages and abilities with a physical, sensory or learning disability. Our strategic plan, Inspiring Through Inclusion 2021-2029, directs the work of the Association. Our major partners are sportscotland, Scotland’s Governing Bodies of Sport and Local Authorities plus voluntary organisations concerned with disability.

Organisation’s objectives:

SDS has a vision where Sport and physical activity in Scotland are welcoming and inclusive for participants with disabilities.

Their mission is through strong leadership and effective partnerships, they will engage and sustain participants, support athlete progression and influence change by strategically embedding inclusive strategy, policy, planning and delivery.

SDS’s priorities are local development, health and education, and they collaborate with many partners locally and nationally to increase the opportunities for participants and athletes with disabilities to access more inclusive sport and physical activity.

Project title: Inclusion Training and Events Programme

Through the support of PHF, we are delivering an innovative programme of Disability Inclusion Training across the Scottish Tertiary Education sector to improve the provision and quality of physical education, physical activity and community sport for people with disabilities. This includes blended online and face to face delivery to every PE teacher training establishment as well as primary teaching and sports coaching under and post graduates. We are working in partnership with 18 tertiary education establishments at present, as well as the Scottish Qualifications Authority, Education Scotland and Scottish Student Sport to ensure the success of this programme.

Impact of PHF’s support

To date, 2,081 students from 20 tertiary education institutions and across 81 face-to-face workshops have directly benefitted from the programme. In turn, these students are (or will be) delivering inclusive sessions within their schools, communities and clubs across the country, meaning the legacy of this training will positively impact thousands of people of all ages with disabilities by changing the culture of sport and physical activity for the better. This will improve the health and wellbeing of people with disabilities by creating lifelong opportunities for them to participate in physical education, physical activity and sport.

Click here to see some feedback from the 2022/2023 cohort at Edinburgh University.

How does your organisation exemplify PHF’s values?

Our values are Inclusion, Integrity, Ambition and Respect so there is a natural alignment to some of the values of PHF. Our organisation demonstrates the values as per follows:

  • Excellence: We continually strive to achieve excellence when developing and delivering our programmes. We have a number of user and consultation groups who we involve in the decision making & evaluation process, and we monitor and evaluate programmes consistently to enable improvement.
  • Enterpreneurship: As a charity, we work in synergy with our partners to maximise resources & be innovative to ensure that our projects and programmes are cost-effective and maximise participation. This approach applies to all areas of our work including our education & training programme funded by PHF.
  • Integrity: As one of our core values, we believe in honesty, openness and transparency and require all staff to demonstrate these qualities. We are open and pro-active with our communication and have clear and comprehensive policies and procedures which are reviewed, circulated, and discussed on a regular basis.
  • Sustainability: In the process of undergoing our sustainability assessment, SDS has committed to no longer using single-use plastic water bottles at events. Additionally, we will be moving towards using wooden medals for events and going paperless, and are already reducing our carbon footprint by encouraging staff to car share and meet virtually where possible.