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10 March, 2023

Grant amount: £3,000

Rhondda Netball

  • Grant programme: Active Lives
  • Region: Wales

Towards the delivery of the Community Coach & Role Model Development Programme

About the organisation

Rhondda Netball is a sports charity operating in one of the UK’s most highly deprived regions, the Rhondda Valleys. Rhondda Netball work with over 900+ girls & women each week, giving them a platform to build social connections, improve their physical and mental wellbeing all whilst giving them an all important sense of community and belonging. Rhondda Netball really are “More than Sport”.

Organisation’s objectives

The key objectives of Rhondda Netball are:

  1. Fighting gender inequality and creating opportunities for girls and women.
  2. Supporting mental health & improving emotional well-being.
  3. Improving physical wellness and encouraging participants to live active healthy lives.

Rhondda Netball in it’s relatively short history, has already become Wales’ largest female sports participation initiative working with over 900 girls & women each week! We oversee the provision for those ranging from ages 4-64 across our programmes and the difference that Rhondda Netball makes to people’s lives is transformational.

All of the programmes are led by incredible young leaders that have a huge heart for giving back to their local communities. Our Community Coach & Role Model Development Programme currently has 26 individuals enrolled. Investing in these leaders are vital to the ongoing success of Rhondda Netball, but also provides these individuals with training, skills and part-time sessional employment which will help aid their futures.

About the project

Community Coach & Role Model Development Programme

The Peter Harrison Foundation supported our incredible leaders as they went out into the community and made an enormous difference to girls & women’s lives throughout Rhondda. Not only making an impact on physical well-being, but supported individuals mental/emotional well-being in one of the UK’s most deprived regions.

By supporting this programme you have helped provide part-time sessional employment in an area where employment is severely hard to come by.

Without these leaders, Rhondda Netball simply wouldn’t be able to make the difference that it does in the community.

Our Community Coach & Role Model Development Programme has been operating since 2017/18 and has already proved to help develop incredible young leaders in the community and has aided so many individuals in their own futures. Every year we see new leaders come on board, willing to give back to their local communities with a heart to serve and wanting to develop themselves as leaders. Nearly 90% of the individuals on the programme have all gone through the Rhondda Netball sessions as participants themselves, proving it really does work!

We upskill these individuals with training and qualifications, whilst them gaining important experiences and opportunities to work in their communities with young people and adults. The qualifications that our leaders obtain during their time on the CC&RM DP are:

  • UKCC Level 1 Netball Coaching
  • UKCC Level 2 Netball Coaching
  • First Aid
  • Safeguarding Level 2
  • Mental Health Pastoral Training
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • DBS

The generous grant from the Peter Harrison Foundation helped support 6 of our young leaders during 2023. Allowing them part-time sessional employment and helping them obtain important training and qualifications. It also helped support their sessional costs.

Impact of PHF’s support

  • 6 Community Leaders gained part-time sessional employment & essential training/qualifications to fulfil their role within the community that also aids their own futures.
  • In turn, over 900 girls & women were supported through the investment in our Community Coach & Role Model Development Programme.

How does your organisation exemplify PHF’s values?


  • We invest in the training and development of young leaders to ensure high-quality coaching and mentorship, enhancing the skills and experiences of over 900 girls and women.


  • Our innovative approach empowers young leaders to drive change and develop successful community initiatives, fostering a culture of creativity and proactive problem-solving.


  • We operate with honesty, respect, and fairness, creating a supportive environment where participants feel valued and respected.


  • Our programme promotes long-term physical and mental wellbeing, building resilient local networks that ensure lasting positive impacts on the community.

Through these efforts, Rhondda Netball aligns perfectly with the Peter Harrison Foundation’s values, making a significant difference in one of the UK’s most deprived regions.